Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Move-In Day

I'm moving into my new apartment today! Yes, I have a day off work on my first day. Please respect my corporate thuggin'!!! Actually, God is just always looking out and my new company is some kind of wonderful. Can't go wrong with that combination.

Anywho, my new place is everything I wanted in Chicago at a fraction of the price.

- Downtown Pittsburgh
- Walk-in closet
- In-unit washer/dryer
- Fitness Center
- Business Center
- Valet-only parking
- On-site mgmt 6 days a week
- Dry cleaning room on-site (This is by far my favorite part. You drop your clothes off with a tag in a dirty bag, you come back at your leisure and pick them up. I'll never get home to late to pick up my dry cleaning again. Hooray!)

Have their been any big moves in your life? Want to share?

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