Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I miss the CTA

I think I enjoyed the commuter lifestyle more than anyone I know. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 5 people in Chicago who don't have cars, but I can't necessarily think of 10. Plenty of people didn't get it, but living on the north side and the south loop and working in Streeterville and later the loop, I really didn't need a car.

I thought I didn't want a car because my life is ruled by convenience. And driving to work daily, paying parking fees and sticker prices and shoveling snow off of my car is inconvenient.

As a [falling off, but trying really hard not to] tree hugger, I love that I'm not contributing to the demise of our Earth by driving in a car by myself daily.

There is no commuter lifestyle in Pittsburgh. People take the bus because they have to, not because they want to. There is a trolley that goes around downtown for free and to some select places just outside of downtown for $2.50, but I can't get to church on that thing.

I asked my coworker if there would be cabs on the ground level of our building. They all looked at me cross eyed life... "we don't really HAVE cabs." Crap.

Then I went to Target (I've been so many times already, don't judge me.) I asked the clerk to put the heavy stuff in double bags and to put all of the other odds and ends in two large bags (because I need to walk from my Zipcar to my home and I didn't want to make more than one trip or have 82 small bags on my arm). He looked at me sideway. I actually had to just start packing my own bag because he couldn't quite grasp why I didn't want a million small Target bags.

I want to WALK down the street. I want to pick up groceries on my way home from work. I want to see a new restaurant or boutique pop up and walk in there randomly on a Saturday morning.

I want too much! More on this later.


chichi said...

Moving to a new city will always take adjusting to. You'll get used to the non-commuter lifestyle eventually once you get a car. I heard there's a really nice Jazz club downtown Pittsburgh that could be worth checking out.

South Loop Social Light said...

I've only spent a small bit of time in Pittsburgh, but I definitely didn't get the walking city vibe from there. Having lived over 7 years in AZ (and still owning a house there) I can attest to missing the commuting lifestyle. I've been debating whether or not to sell my car b/c I live in the south loop, work in River North, and have close friends all accessible by CTA.