Thursday, November 8, 2012

Change is Good

This was a reverberating theme/sound bite/cliche/word of wisdom I heard when I told people I was moving. It's so true.

Someone mentioned to me that Chicago will never be the same so long as I don't live there. I will never relax in Chicago again. I'll be visiting people and trying all the new restaurants in 48-72 hour stints. I'll never have all of my shoes in the Chi again. I'll never be the go-to person to plan the events. (Actually, this is a lie. People are going to still expect me to plan the parties. I can handle remote party planning though.)

That made me kind of sad like wow. Chicago will always be home. Chicago will always be THERE. I just wonder how long my heart will be in Chicago. How many years before I stop saying "I live in Pittsburgh, but I'm FROM Chicago." or I live in *insert wherever the Lord takes me next* but I'm FROM Chicago.

I wonder how long before I form some sort of affinity for where I live vs. where I'm from since they've always been one in the same.

This isn't a problem I'm trying to solve. It's just on my mind and I wanted to share.

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