Thursday, November 15, 2012

Car Testimonials

I thought that my life was ruled by convenience and that's why I didn't want a car.

In Pittsburgh, it would be MORE convenient to have a car. Maybe my life is ruled by convenience, but perhaps I am also just cheap. LAWD why do these depreciating liabilities cost so much? I just can't imagine having a car note, paying for gas, paying for parking at home AND paying for parking at work. I've been thinking, there has to be a better way.

I asked Facebook, but I wanted to ask you all as well. Do you love your car? If so, please share the make and model and WHY you love it? I heard things like good gas mileage, sleek styling, cheap repairs, no repairs, great warranty and fun to drive.

I've never bought a car (first car was a '96 Chevy Cavalier as a high school graduation gift from my parents. Woo hoo!), so this is a truly new experience for me.

I live in a city full of hills and it will definitely snow here. I need something reliable, but for the best value for my hard earned dollars.

Any suggestions?

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