Monday, October 1, 2012

Who Knew?

I have grown weary in my search for a black, pointed toe, leather, 4-inch pump. The most basic of all basic work shoes. Let me take you on my journey.

DSW - They had a Nine West (59.99) pump. Same that I always get. #DoNotWant. They had a Guess pump that I would have considered except it only came in black patent and black suede.

Macy's - They have Nine West ($69.99), which I already know I don't want and INC ($79.99), which is Macy's store brand and the same price point as Nine West, which leads me to believe, it will also tear up after one year of wear.

Nordstrom - They have a 2 1/2 inch Michael Kors pump, which is perfect, except for the fact that I don't wear kitten heels. They hurt my ankles. We're wearing heels or flats in 2012. None of these grandma shoes (#NoDiss). They also had a Prada ($650), but the damn shoe said PRADA accross the front. I don't wear labels on my clothes. It's not my thing.

Bloomingdales - This is the first time I've ever shopped at Bloomingdale's. I used to think I couldn't afford it, but they have some reasonably priced stuff in there. They had no 4 inch heels, but a 3 1/2 in Coach (129.99 I think) and B by Brian Atwood ($345). I was ABOUT to buy the coach shoe when I realized that it had a Coach tag on the back. No thank you. Then the B by Brian Atwood shoes pinched my toes. It's never smart to buy a shoe that hurts in the store, especially at that price point.

So I go home, empty handed and deflated, but determined to find what I'm looking for online.
More on this tomorrow.

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