Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update on an Update

I finally made it to the hearing doctor. The net net is that I don't need to do anything. (Don't you love when this happens?), but let me explain.

- There is nothing structurally wrong with my ears, so surgery is not an option so there's nothing to fix.
- I can't hear very high pitches of words or sounds. Some words have very high pitches. Over the years to cope with this, my brain has just filled in when necessary. Sometimes, my brain fills in the wrong words.
- Additionally, my hearing is worse when background noise is involved. So concerts, trains, parties, football games, movies, etc. In a face-to-face conversation, not so bad, but face-to-face at any of the above mentioned places I'm like what? huh? Say it again?
- Hearing AIDS would be an expensive problem and they're not smart, so they would bring in all the background noise that I probably don't want to hear (folks whispering in a movie theater, creepy sounds at a bbq, etc.)

So the net, net is that assuming that my hearing hasn't gotten worse since I first noticed the loss, my original doctor was right in telling me there's nothing I could do about it. Perhaps, like most things, this is semantics. There's PLENTY I can do about it, but there's nothing that would be worth my time or money given how well I've done with the hearing loss to date. The cost-benefit analysis doesn't add up to take action. Perhaps that was too much information for a teen, but I think I could have handled it. I digress.

It took me four doctor's appointments to come to the conclusion that nothing needs to be done. All these copays later, I'm happy to have peace of mind. Now when I ask you to repeat yourself, you'll know why. Don't hate me. ;-)

Additionally, the doctor (who's 80) said to come back and see him in 3-4 years and we'll see if it's changed. I love elderly people who love their jobs.

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