Thursday, October 25, 2012

Split Ends.. No Really.

I'm having the best year ever, but my hair... my hair is struggling. It started getting ratty about a month ago, which means I need my ends clipped. The problem is that I hadn't had them clipped since New Year's Eve. 10 months?

Yeah, I did the dummy and inches of hair are gone in the back to prove it. I faded back to dark as well.

Well, I can't have it all, now can I?

January on the left, October on the right. Let's shed a tear for the strands we lost.

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South Loop Social Light said...

You're hilarious.... yes, let's let out a collective "sigh" for the hair that we've lost. On another note, my girlfriend and I were contemplating taking pre-natal vitamins for the sake of faster hair growth. oh, to live in America and have these 1% hair struggles lol...