Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Make It Work

I have a female mentor who's knocking on 50, not married and no kids. She loves her life, but regrets not stopping when she was closer to my age to get married and procreate.

She told me I need to be married in the next five years. (Like marriage is a city I can just buy a plane ticket to and be there in 5 years, smh).

Every once in a while she checks in with me and is like "If you like him, just make it work and get married and have a baby." Again, like I can just propose and have a husband. She figures marriage is hard, so make it work with whoever has most of the parts and is willing.

I don't subscribe to the gospel she's preaching, BUT I appreciate people who are candid about the choices they've made in their lives. I appreciate people who care enough about me to tell me where they feel unfulfilled, then do their best to make sure I'm filled in those areas. What a blessing to have that honesty in my life.

She feels like work was her priority and she just forgot to stop and have kids. It's good to hear someone give me that perspective to make sure (since I "DO" want munchkins) that they same thing doesn't purposely happen to me.

Have your mentors ever given you some well-meaning, but far-reaching (and hilarious to boot) advice?

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Soapbox Cormack said...

Um. Sometimes it is THAT easy to meet someone, make it work and have a baby, and get married. (In THAT order. LOL)

But seriously, I think people have a perfection mindset about marriage when it really is about friendship and work and growing.

So while what is said is HILARIOUS, I want to agree that he doesn't have to be perfect- just perfect for you. And that if you are willing, it will work.

Additionally, be FOREWARNED. When you pursue a passion and step out on faith, in the interest of doing something other than finding a husband, you will trip over one. I met my husband the first weekend I was in Mississippi. And I told him "I'm not trying to date. Im not even looking for a relationship. I just here for the kids." Yeah okay just here for the kids. We have two now and planning for more. Enjoy your new city!