Monday, October 29, 2012

House PAR-TAY!

I found a new apartment in Pittsburgh, more on that later.

Then I had two days in Chicago before I flew to D.C. for a conference (Thursday through Sunday), more on that later. 

I get back to the Chi and I have a housewarming/going away party for family from 3-6 p.m. We invited 20 people.

Then I have a party from 6 p.m. until for friends. I invited 100 people.

I live in a one bedroom loft. It's probably about 650 sq ft. I mean, there's not even a DOOR on the bedroom and I invited 100 people over.

If you're reading this... I survived and we didn't get shut down by the police it just means I scheduled this blog post.

The point is... I'll check in with y'all tomorrow or later. I'm sure these parties have written about two weeks worth of blog posts.

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