Friday, October 12, 2012

Hello Dallas!

It's clean out my drafts week. I started writing this post in April 2012 right after I'd returned from a work trip to Dallas. I stayed at the Joule, which was a "luxury" hotel in downtown Dallas. I say luxury because it was fabulous, but it was only $199/night and that wasn't a discuss. A full-priced luxury hotel in the Chi will run you about half a month's rent per night, so I was pleasantly surprised at the amenities.

- Located in the heart of downtown (it's near my favorite Dallas Tex-Mex restaurant, Iron Cactus)
- Rooftop pool
- ShiShi FruFru breakfast/brunch situation
- Beautifully dressed staff
- Amazingly helpful staff
- Great decor

I could go on and on. If you're in Dallas and you want that sexy stuff for lower prices, go here. Or just put on your bathing suit and sneak to the rooftop pool and go back home. Either way. LOL!

The photo above is the lobby. I don't know what those big things are, but aren't they beautiful? LOL!

What are your favorite places in Dallas?

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