Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flowers and... Cufflinks?

I send so many flowers to my girlfriends that FTD thinks I’m a man. I tweeted this and then it occurred to me that I never send flowers to my guy friends. If it’s a man’s birthday, bereavement, promotion, new job, new baby… I don’t know what to send that’s in the $30-60 range that would get the same reaction as flowers would get from a woman.

So I asked the men of Twitter and though they started with all the vulgar sex things a woman could do in thanks, I reeled it in to remind folks that sex is necessity not a gift. You don’t bring people bottled water talmbout “Happy Birthday.” Goofs.

Anywho, here are the gifts they told me. I’m writing this more as a reference for myself when I want to send a little gift.

10. Jordans (Someone didn’t see my $30-60 price point)

9. Clothes (specifically, someone said $60 of white tees says “congrats” or “job well done”)

8. Groceries

7. Food gift cards (Harolds, Chipotle, Starbucks, Endless Shrimp)

6. A nice card and a trinket for his desk (this came from an older happily married preacher)

5. Music

4. Cologne

3. A round of golf

2. Nice cigars

1. Game Day Tickets (Got to be for the Bulls and not the Bears though because Bears tickets start at $140 a pop)

Overall the response is that men are specific. They want what they want and most men with jobs already have everything they want, so just buy him more of what he already has. Let me reiterate that while these could be caking gifts, this is NOT a caking post. I have male friends that need congrats and encouragement too. I give y’all a head’s up when I’m caking, don’t I? LOL!

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