Friday, October 5, 2012


I am in love with dresses now that I have to dress business casual for work. I found this site while on Pinterest. The prices are extremely reasonable. I hope they fit well. I haven't bought anything yet, but this is my reminder that when I put dresses into my budget, I need to go here first.

Have you bought anything from here? Where's your favorite place for dresses?


Luvvie said...

YUP! I bought the dress I wore to the Conversation Awards from there. Fit me like a glove.

K to the... said...

As I do my monthly catch-up on your blog...I'd like to thank you for bringing this site to my attention. I've been searching for a dress to wear to this party to which you'll be invited (just in case you happen to be in the Chi). Let's hope I get lucky.