Friday, October 19, 2012

6 a.m. Service

So Fellowship has a 6 a.m. church service every Friday. I don't know if it's for the summer or what [sidenote: This post has been in my drafts since summer 2011], but it's pretty dope.

Q: T, do you go to Fellowship?
A: No.

Q: T, have you ever BEEN to 6 a.m. service at Fellowship?
A: No

But, I have awesome friends that run their sermon notes to me and how can we be better lest we share info with our friends (and blog readers). ,strike> a couple of Fridays
a long time ago Pastor Jenkins preached on the three Ps that you need for a new opportunity to come your way.
Be Prepared
Be Prayerful
Be Patient

If I was a better listener, I would have had more notes on each of these. And if I was a better blogger I would have written said notes immediately so as not to forget them and share with you. But I'm me, so that's it. ;)

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