Monday, September 17, 2012

When was the last time we talked about brunch? Here are some new places to consider:

I got 10-5 from this Red Eye article, but the sentiment is my own.

10. Grandma J’s Local Kitchen* - I'm down for trying anything with Grandma in the title. It's also in a less than safe neighborhood, but if I can go to the west side for MacArthurs...  

9. Nellcote(833 W. Randolph St. 312-432-0500) - It's kind of fancy, but features a prix fixe menu. Can't ever go wrong with fixed costs. LOL! 
8. Bar Toma(110 E. Pearson St. 312-266-3110) - I've been by this place a million times and still haven't gone in. Mainly because I'm pissed that it took over Bistro 110. Man they had the best french onion soup on the continent. Yes, it was amazing. Beware, it's a tourist magnet, but if Red Eye says I should check out brunch, then I shall. 
7. G.E.B.(841 W. Randolph St. 312-888-2258) This is a Graham Elliot restaurant without the crazy prices. I've actually been to Graham Elliot (word to my uncle), but I bet their drinks are AMAZING. I can't wait to go here. 
6. The Peasantry* (2723 N. Clark St. 773-868-4888) The best part about this place is I know exactly how to get there. A quick Google search indicates that it is NOT in the Kanela Breakfast Club space (that's 3231 N. Clark) and so I am still intrigued. 
5. Tavernita(151 W. Erie St. 312-274-1111) this place took over from Martini Park. Man, they had the best martinis in life, but horrid customer service. If you don't treat your customers right, you will fail. *cough* Blockbuster *cough* I want to go here, if for nothing else, than to see what they did with the space. 
4. Social 25* - The cool kids go here. It's over at 2 a.m. as well, so make sure to hit early service at church to get to the good eats. 

3. Ja'Grill - I've been here for dinner, but just heard it's great for brunch. I know that rum punch is off the meter. I know that.

2.  Hash Hash a Go-Go - Everything here is bigger than your head. Bring your appetite and a car to take food home. ;-) Also, they have an app that texts you when your table is ready. Um #LovesIt

1. Elate - I swear I talked about this place on the blog before, but I couldn't find it in a quick search. The steak is amazing. The bottomless mimosas are awesome. The service is great and the atmosphere is swaggerific. Also, no one goes here ever, so it's easy to get a seat. Yep, love it. (P.S. It's in the Felix hotel)

*Denotes places I have not yet tried.

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