Friday, September 7, 2012

These Are My Confessions

I have some pop culture (and/or Chicago African-American) confessions:

- I've never seen Green Mile, Godfather or any of the Rocky movies
- I've never eaten at Valois, Home of the Hoagie (or plenty of other south side eateries that folks rave about)
- This year was my first at the Bud Billiken Parade
- I didn't see New Jack City or Dirty Dancing until I was an adult
- I've never had a Bloody Mary and I'm not sure that I ever will.

1 comment:

South Loop Social Light said...

Come on, you can get a better list together than this! I demand to know more confessions lol..

but seriously, we should go to Eleven City Diner because their Bloody Marys are amazeballs. If you only try it once definitely head there.