Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speak On It

There are so many hot topics in the news right now. Speak your peace on whichever you choose. I'm curious...

10. The iPhone5. It's smaller, faster, sleeker, longer battery life and a 28 megapixel camera. Will you be rushing to the Apple store to get one.

9. Love and Hip Hop ATL. I know I'm not the only one that watched. Will you be tuning in next season?

8. Gun violence in Chicago. What is the solution. How are you contributing to it?

7. The teacher strike in Chicago? Are you with the administration (Rahm Emanual and CPS) or the teachers (CTU). Do you believe that both sides really want what's best for the children.

6. The United States ambassador to Libya being killed. What does this mean for foreign relations?

5. The RNC - Did you watch? Thoughts?

4. The DNC - Did you watch? Thoughts?

3. Volunteering for the Obama campaign. Are you giving more this year? Less? Are you volunteering?

2. The campaign in general. Do you live in a battleground state? Are the ads horrible? (I have literally not seen one ad. I love that I live in Illinois. We're going blue and Obama. Every.Rip.)

1. Michelle Obama and feminism? Is she truly revolutionary as a black woman in the white house or does her mom-in-chief title solidy sexist gender roles. (I have an entire post about this coming up tomorrow or soon).

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