Wednesday, September 5, 2012

South Loop Exploration

So here are all of the places that I have not yet tried in my new neighborhood that I need to get on top of.

Tamarind - Sushi spot that caught my eye.
Thai Spoon - Thai spot that caught my eye.
Opart Thai House - I have actually heard TOO much about this place to not have gone yet. I'ma go.
City Tavern - This is a place for carnivores. They have outdoor seating and I only ever see men there. This FURTHER lets me know that I need to make that trip. 
Acadia - You probably need reservations to go here, but the bar looks like open seating. When I first encountered it, I thought it was a wedding reception hall because the people going into it were dressed SO nicely. I'll keep you posted.
South Coast Sushi - This is where uppity African-American go to eat sushi. I kid. I kid. Maybe.
Eleven - a spot that South Loop Social Light recommended yesterday. Go here to get your sandwich on.
Waffles - I've heard good things. I've heard bad things. I need to just stop in and decide for myself.
Tapas Valencia - If you blink, you'll miss this place, but people who LOVE tapas know about it and keep asking me if I've been. I haven't. I will go though and report back.

One that didn't make the list is Scout. We tried to throw a going away party there and it took them 2 weeks to call us back. There's no reward for bad customer service, so they're on my No Thank You list like La Cantina.


South Loop Social Light said...
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South Loop Social Light said...

Tapas Valenica is actually one of my favs! Go there on Sunday for their drink specials: $5 mojitos, bloody marys, margaritas.

South Coast has 1/2 off bottles of sake and wine on Mondays! For this alone I'd always go there... and it's downstairs from me. The food is pretty yumtastic as well. The service is phenomenal.

In defense of Scout, while nothing can excuse bad customer service... this isn't really the place you'd go to throw a party. Well, not call to set up something formal. I'd just drop in. They don't accept reservations or anything like that. Super casual spot. I'm determined to drag you down there to watch a game this Fall lol