Tuesday, September 4, 2012

South Loop Eats

Let me take you all on a food tour of my new neighborhood. I like some of these places better than others.

Weather Mark - This is one of my favorite south loop spots. We threw my bff's surprise going away party here and they were so easy to work with. Their prices are reasonable and their food is good. On Monday's they have Burger, fries and beer for $6 and Tuesday is trivia night. If you ever want to go here, let me know. I'm down.

Zapatista - The margaritas here are good. The food is good, but make sure to get the tacos, burritos, small plates or something simple. I tried to get the carne asada one night and it wasn't right.

Gioco - This is good authentic, Italian food. It's a bit more authentic that I'd like sometimes and kind of pricey, but definitely a good date night spot.

Cafe Bionda - This is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. And I LOVE Italian food. It's my favorite. The best part about this place is that it looks like an deli from the outside, but when you get inside, it's white tablecloths and gourmet food. Prices are reasonable too and I've never had to wait for a table. Definitely a gem of the sloop.

La Cantina - I hate this place. It made the list because I've been there. But the food is subpar, the drinks are big, but not strong enough and the service is HORRIBLE. I literally had to go tell the waitress we were ready to order. You know if you look up like where is out waitress that the place is seriously lacking. Don't go here.

Ma & I - Good Thai food. It's also really spacious in here, which is odd to me. Most of the restaurants this close to the loop lack

Yolk - This is for the purpose of people who live out of town, because I don't know one Chicagoan who hasn't been to Yolk. Their menu is extensive and their food is good. Not extraordinary, just good. You may wait up to 45 minutes for a table on any day of the week, but it's centrally located, so a good place to meet friends for breakfast/brunch.

South Loop Market - This little overpriced grocery store warms my heart. They have everything you might forget (paprika, pickle relish, spaghetti sauce), but an extensive list of wines and Skinny Girl Vodka. Headed to the beach, stop here first. On the way to a friend's and need a bottle, stop here first. Can't think of anywhere to eat except La Cantina... stop here first.

Kroll's - This is the place to be on Game Day. They have big screens and projector screens and their bar food is good. There's dark leather furniture and dark polished wood, so the fellas are very comfortable here. You're also guaranteed to run into someone you know. Fun times.

Dunkin' Donuts - Ok, this is blasphemy, but I needed to get to 10. Don't go to this DD if you have somewhere to be on a schedule. They're small and they've got nothing on my fave DD (Ohio and St. Clair or my 2nd fave DD on Lake & LaSalle), but it's good to have them in the 'hood.

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South Loop Social Light said...

We're basically neighbors so most of these spots I already know about. I've been on the fence about Gioco but I might give them a try.

I loathe Krolls and even though it's a closer walk than Scout, I'll take Scout on a game day, any day, over Krolls.

If you like Thai you should go to Opart Thai House on State/19th. The prices are reasonable and the food is awesome.

The South Loop Market is steps away from my house. This has beaten out Jewel many nights since they have nearly everything you could want. Plus their wine selection is pretty amazeballs.

I think I've only been to Weathermark once a few years ago when I lived in the South Loop. I may have to grab you one night and check this place out.

You should go to Eleven on Wabash/Michigan for their amazing Bloody Marys and Waffles didn't make the list? Man... lol