Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So on Radical, Revolutionary and other Crap...

I am a feminist. In that I believe a woman can do everything a man can do and deserves everything that a man deserves (like equal pay for equal work). I am a chauvanist in that I believe even though a woman CAN do everything a man can do, she probably should NOT.

Let me explain.

Michelle Obama, the flyest first lady of the United States EVER, gave a phenomenal speech at the DNC. She said she was the mom-in-chief above all else. Feminists took to Twitter saying that it's a shame that she had to mask all of her personal accomplishments to just be a mom and play the normal gender role of a woman to further the campaign. Days later a blog post surfaced saying that this is actually "white" feminist rhetoric (not true, black feminists on my timeline said the EXACT same thing).

But that blog said that Michelle Obama, is indeed revolutionary because as a BLACK first lady of the United States, she CHOOSES to stay at home with the kids vs. working and that's a choice that many black women don't have.

I feel like an atheist who says "If something good happens, it's God. If something bad happens, it's God. You Christians are nuts." As a Christian, I understand that faith isn't always logical, but this FLOTUS conversation has nothing to do with faith and everything to do with logic.

Why does she have to revolutionary? People are saying just by her being a black woman in her role, it's revolutionary. Others are saying her choosing that role (over another) is revolutionary.

Can I ask y'all something. Is there something wrong with being a wife and mother? What exactly is wrong with gender roles? Does anyone disagree that marriage is a sexist institution? If it wasn't, we wouldn't be husband and wife, we'd be husband and husband (in heterosexual marriages). Stop. Think about it. Why can't you all just let her be WHAT SHE IS?

Why does she have to be "revolutionary" for us to respect her? Why have we come up with all these different ways to make her bigger than what she is and she's already HUGE!

I'm tired of people acting like wife and mother is something to be scoffed at. No Mrs. Romney has never worked outside of the home, but how do any of us have the right to talk about that?

My point is as an American adult you can choose to do whatever you want to do so long as it doesn't hurt the freedom or liberty of another. So if Michelle Obama thinks her kids are the most important thing in the world to her (news flash: most moms do), can we just call that good parenting and not a revolution.

And if Ann Romney has the luxury of not working (which most moms WISH they had) then why can't we just let her be great.

The fact that we are defining womanhood for other women and breaking it down and re-constructing it to fit whatever our ideal of womanhood is (to fit our own personal beliefs) is perhaps the least-revolutionary thing any of us could be doing.

Let these women be great. However they choose to be.

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