Thursday, September 27, 2012

It was the worst day EVER

When something bothers me and I tell you about it, you would think that it was the worst possible thing that has ever happened to any human being on the face of the planet. Hell, in the entire universe. Perhaps, it’s the inflection of my voice or the animation of my facial expressions. Maybe it’s the size of my already-large eyes or the colloquialisms that I use to describe sophisticated situations or the eloquence with which I state the most hood interactions, but PASSION oozes out of me when I’m even slightly perturbed.

Me: Mom, it was the worst day EVER.

Big T: Girl, I know. My day was the worst day ever too, let’s talk about me now.


Me: BFF, it was the worst day EVER.

BFF (either of them): OH NO! GUUUUUURRRRRRRLLLLLL, tell me ALL about it.


Me: Honey, it was the worst day EVER.

Honey: I’ma let you finish, but was it the worst day ever or are you exaggerating?

Thank God for someone to balance my Chi, Amen! 

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