Thursday, September 20, 2012

Girls Night Quandary

Remember in this post I talked about how I wanted to move so I can entertain. Surprisingly, I moved from one studio I couldn't entertain in to another that I could only entertain one or two people at a time in, but hey, baby steps worked for me.

I am finally on my grown woman and I can have, oh I don't know, 10 people plus me at a time in my crib. I've been doing this a lot and during a girls' night potluck an interesting question came up that I wanted to pose to my blog readers.

This is just for fun and because I want to know y'all's opinions, so I don't want anyone getting touched and personal in my comments, okay? Okay.

Is there a difference between dating exclusively and being boyfri end and girlfriend? Why or why not?

I'll tell y'all how I feel in the comments (or in a subsequent post).

Happy Weekend!

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