Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting my life together

And by my life I mean appliances and electronics. Random updates for you all.

My computer is fixed. It costs $157 to buy the parts myself and give my homeboy a thank you gift vs. the $300 I was going to pay to Dell. The best part about it is I didn't have to ship my computer away for a week or longer and I didn't lose any files. Hooray!

My luggage is fixed. I dropped it off on June 28 and didn't get it back until September 14. I just happened to be in the building where the shoe repair shoe is and I asked if the part finally came in for my luggage. They're like yeah, we fixed it. Bruh, can I get a phone call. My luggage was in that place so long it had dust on it. Whatever. All's well that ends well.

I've also had my oven, cable and air conditioning fixed in the last two months AND am currently waiting to schedule a maintenance appointment for the microwave which started going bonkers beeping uncontrollably and waking me up out of my good sleep.

The lesson here is: Things fall apart.

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