Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black Pumps

So some years back I went on the search for the perfect pair of black pants. I found said pair of pants and still own (and wear) them to this day.

It's time to turn to my social networks again to inquire about the perfect pair of black pumps. Every year I buy THIS pair of Nine West pumps:
I think they're $69.99 or perhaps $79.99. I know that after a year of wear, they're popped... every year.

In this the year of never before, I've updated everything from my calendar to my cable and now it's time to wrench around and get my closet right. Ladies, do you have a favorite pair of classic black pumps? What brand are they and when'd you get them? I need a shoes that's going to last longer than a year.

I want a 4-inch heel pointed toe, no platform, stiletto heel. (Basically EXACTLY the shoe above, but higher quality).

Essence says I need to buckle down and get a $600 pair. What say ye, blog readers? Help a sister out.


KC said...

Maybe not $600 but maybe you can step it up ($200-$300) a bit just to see how the shoes will last. But heck even Gucci has sales.

fzillion said...

white shoes or black shoes ?which one are better ?
black pumps shoes