Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tea's Tangents

I haven't done one of these in a long time. Let's go:

- When both of your best friends move away from Chicago and your bestie is 9 months pregnant and the party crew is in New York, who exactly are you supposed to go shopping with?

- When do people get stuff done? I feel like I have so non-work-related stuff that needs to happen during work hours. I'm starting to believe that everyone has a concierge, but me. Or that folks have more vacation time than I do or that people are not really working at work and getting personal stuff down. Someone should do a study. They study every damn thing else.

- I have't been on a plan in about 2 months and I'm surprisingly ok with that.

- Club retirement is awesome. You should feel my couch. It goes so hard on Friday and Saturday nights.

- Football season is here. I know we had a lockout this year, but it seems SO early this year. I'm happy for football, sad to say goodbye to summer.

- The violence in Chicago is out of control. Moreover, gun violence everywhere is crazy. I may be changing my stance on gun control. I previously wrote in one of my most thought-provoking posts that law-abiding citizens should have access to guns. Now I'm thinking only people who are up to no good have more than one gun. (Save for hunting and police officers and such). I don't know.

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Unknown said...

I do not think anyone should be able to carry a weapon. The US is obviously doing something wrong as citizens in other developed nations don't have access to guns like we do nor do they have the violence. As for Chicago...I believe the crime is a result of the police not doing their job. Rahm is no friend to public servants. I have nothing to back this up, but I feel like he does not have the force on the street. If I cared enough (sorry to say), I'd do the research myself. I am blaming Rahm Emanuel and the CPD. It should be noted that I cannot STAND Rahm Emanuel so color me biased, but something stinks and I believe it's him. They try to blame games but c'mon. Who gang bangs like that in the year 2012? This whole issue pisses me off. I hope someone blows CPDs cover because they are hiding something.