Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spending Fast Update

There's only one person that I know of for sure doing this spending fast with me and she checked in at Pinkberry, so I think we're both losing, but maybe it's just me.

I started on Monday, August 6. Since then, I've bought the following:

Headphones - This is not groceries or transportation, but my other ones fell apart. I think it's a necessity.
Candy for a brainstorm - I need to start charging this stuff to the company
Dunkin' Donuts - I only went once last week instead of 5 times like usual. This is a "frugal" win, not necessarily a fasting win.

I went to drinks with a friend, but they had $20 wine bottles and a free pizza with your first bottle, so she picked up the tab.

I'm going to brunch on Sunday. I MIGHT just have my friend come over my house and I'll cook because that's not breaking the fast.

I would pick what seems to be the longest month of the year to do a fast, wouldn't I?

So how's your spending fast going? How do you stay frugal when you have a pocket full of money?

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South Loop Social Light said...

Yeah, Pinkberry has been a must. I've checked in at least twice, been eating out for breakfast/lunch... I'm failing in a major way. I need to really prep myself for this next time lol. I'll just say that I've cut back this month, but a spending freeze? Negative.