Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Election Thoughts

- I'm so glad that Illinois is not a battleground state. I have not seen one political ad for the Presidency and I do not wish to see one at all. It makes my life happier to not have to deal with that negativity.

- I do, however, watch the news and this election is getting ugly. Does anyone remember that Mitt Romney was at the bottom of the barrel during the last election. The other Republicans hated him. He was SO far behind the curve. Now he's the frontrunner for the party. He has the nerve to question the President's birthplace AND he's refusing to show his tax returns? He is a horrible choice for America.

- More on this. When McCain was in the running, I didn't think that my life would be over if he got elected. I wanted Senator [at the time] Obama to win, but I didn't feel like my life would be in shambles if he won. If Romney wins, my taxes will probably go down, but in the money I save, I'll likely have to use it paying for women'son anything, especially national security. After killing Osama Bin Laden, lowering costs for higher education, health care. I'm convinced mamograms and pap smears will not be covered by insurance if we vote him in. I just know it.

- I can't wait for these debates. Last election everyone said that Senator [at the time] Obama didn't have a clear enough plan putting more money in taxpayers pockets creating millions of jobs, I think his plan is better than anyone's before him. I'm curious to see how the naysayers will spin it this time.

- Why are social issues leading this campaign season. How is marriage and birth control more important than jobs and national security and gun control? If we get attacked, it won't matter who's married to whom. Also, if you can't eat, it doesn't quite matter if birth control is covered on insurance.

- I am considerably less involved in the campaign thatn I was this time four years ago. I am more or less a benefactor. I write checks. If the President loses, I will feel personally responsible for not picking up the phone or canvassing or just being more politically loud on my social spaces. I hope that there is a young eager campaign worker who has the time I did four years ago to dedicate to the campaign. I hope my President stays my President for four more years.

- Maybe I'll volunteer in the final months.

- I have a white coworker who's from Texas and she's a Democrat and works on the Obama campaign. Throw stereotypes out of the door. They suck.

What are your thoughts on this year's election?

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Unknown said...

If the president loses it's because the game is rigged and ONLY because the game is rigged. Don't feel responsible for that.

Those are my thoughts on the 2012 election. :)