Friday, August 10, 2012


I talk about so much on my blog, that I think I've told you all everything, then I run a search and find out that I've left out some super important information.

Let's talk about butterflies. I have to have them with a guy. They're not nice-to-haves or let's-hope-they- comes. They are must-haves. Butterflies are my dealbreaker. (Let's be honest, it's one of many, but we'll discuss that during an all-day session. Let me cook.)

I have encountered people who are attracted to a man's resume and can be logical like "if he values these things" he'd make a good choice for husband and I'll grow to love him or grow to have butterflies. I actually like and appreciate this line of thinking. How many fewer divorces would we have if people based marriage on values and not feelings.

Why do I keep getting away from the point?

Point is, in dating, I've learned that there are no rules. If there were rules, there would be fewer books on the subject with opposing viewpoints. If there were rules that worked there would be fewer "experts"... you know folks with their answer for what YOU should do.

Nope, this thing is personal.

I met a woman who said any potential mate has to have a smooth backadaneck. (Read it again, say it as one word.) That's right, razor bumps are her deal breaker. Ahahahahahaha I died, but everyone has something. For me, I MUST have, I mean, it is an absolute requirement that I have butterflies.

Well... I do. :)

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