Monday, August 6, 2012

Accentuating the Positive

I want to share a #realissue that I have with you all. I have a hard time accentuating the positive. I can state what is:

I have a new job, a new apartment, a new honey, my friends and family are safe, fed and healthy (and gorgeous to boot) and when one thing will goes wrong it'll be like everything else I already said is not true.

It's usually something stupid too, like I missed lunch or I didn't get enough sleep one night out of seven nights. Or I missed a bbq (like there aren't a milion bbqs in life). I know this is a trick of the enemy. To make me forget all of God's blessing and have pity parties when things don't EXACTLY go my way.

Then when I come out of the funk (that I sat in by myself because no one wants to hear a pretty little rich girl complain) I feel guilty for being in it in the first place. And I feel like there's something I need to do to remind myself to never get into it again. It's probably prayer. I pray daily, but when I skip a day, it's like my world is turned upside down. #NoteToSelf: Don't skip praying!!!

I'm writing about this because it's a constant struggle and transparency and accountability make me a better person. On my second blog post ever (March 3, 2008) I wrote about how I struggle with living in the moment. I need to enjoy what's good now and not look for things to be better in the future. In that same vein, now I struggle with remembering how good my life is and how good God has been to me.

So my goal for every day of my life is to give things their proper attention - good and bad. My cell phone dropping calls does not mean my life is over. The audiologist not calling me back does not mean I'll suffer hearing loss forever. The good still does (and always will) outweigh the bad.

More on this later, maybe. Who's praying for me?

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