Monday, July 16, 2012

Why You Mad?

Ok, let me tell y'all a little story. I rent a condo. I think that's a pretty esay concept to grasp, but my mail carrier continually gives me mail for the owner.

I put it in the outgoing mailbox. - S/he circles "or current owner" and puts it back in my box.
I put it in the outgoing mailbox - S/he underlines "or current owner" and puts it back in my box.
I put "return to sender" and put it in the outgoing mailbox - S/he puts in back in my box
I put "please forward to the addressee" and put it back in the outgoing mailbox - S/he puts it back in my box, noting that this mail is not forwardable and that's why it says "current owner"

I called the federal goverment (also known as the USPS) to complain.
They said they would call me back by Tuesday EOD
They called me back my Thursday EOD
The resolution is that I have to put "refused" on the mail (because "return to sender" and/or "please forward to addressess" are not clear enough descriptions. I can't stand dense people. I really cannot.)

Let me get to the point...

So I said to myself. Self... why you mad?

I really tried to figure out WHY this makes me so angry. My honey said I was being ridiculous and that I'm mad because I do too much. He's right...

My days are so jam packed. I picked a busy field of work, I choose to have lots of friends, I have family to keep up with (can't help that), then I go to great lengths to make sure that everything "I" do is planned to a tee.

When anything or anyone steps outside of my little schedule, I get CRAZY. CARAZAY!

If I was a normal person with a normal schedule, it would not bother me to contact my landlord and tell him to come get his mail. But that is two more things (contact him, be home to meet him) that I have to add to my to-do list and it makes me go Katie Kaboom.

I also think the postal carrier is passive aggressive, but that's neither here nor there.

A bit ago, I blogged about a sermon where my Pastor talked about someone going off because they were already mad. Like they started the day mad. Unfortunately, that's been my problem lately (maybe my whole life, I dunno, but I'm going to say lately to make me feel better).

So this week's goal (and hopefully my entire life, but let's start with today) is to literally do less so that I can have the mental capacity to deal with things not going my way and/or people making mistakes. I constantly expect perfection and that's not real, neither is it healthy.

Thanks for reading this long post, sharing in my growth and always keeping me in your prayers.

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Unknown said...

"Or current owner" means you! She was doing the right thing. It costs them money to "return to sender". They are not going to waste the time if it's not addressed exclusively to the owner (or you...if your name was on it). The post office is losing money. They ain't got time for dat! Just recycle it next time...and relax! LOL