Thursday, July 5, 2012

Uh... Probably Not

So, y'all know I'm renting my place right? And even though it's a condo, I don't own it. And even though I'm considering doing a pretty expensive decorative buildout to make it my own, it's not really mine.

More than a few folks have asked when I'm having a housewarming. Perhaps because I talk so frequently about moving and loving my place and the struggles I shared on Twitter about what it took to get me in there.

Not even two weeks in and I'm virtually settled in. (I have one more box to open, which I'll do tonight. My big brother is hooking up the electronics tomorrow and I have a decorator coming this weekend for the heavy lifting on the design front, but other than that... all settled).

So it occurred to me that much like non-virgins wearing white to weddings folks having housewarmings to celebrate moving into places that they don't own. It's not proper, but it's also not frowned upon. It sounds like it, but I'm not judging this action. I'm just saying it never occurred to me. (To further let you know I'm not judging this action I actually AM wearing white to my wedding, not stucco like I probably should. I digress.)

The #realissue is that I have too many sets of friends. I can't invite all of them AND family members into my place on the same day. And I don't have the brainpower to pick and choose (and they would all just show up anyway) AND only have the tolerance for one set of friends at a time. Way too many personalities.

So, nope, I won't be having a housewarming. Sorry guys. But if I know you in real life and you want to stop by with a bottle of wine, you are more than welcome!!!

Did you have a housewarming when you moved into your place? Why or why not?


Unknown said...

You could do like an open house type deal on a Saturday or Sunday. BBQ style with no set time. Just noon to ?? then people will come by when they can and it won't get too crowded.


Tiff M said...

I did not have a housewarming even though it was my first place AND I own it. I chose not to for many of the same reasons you stated: too many groups of friends, not really being able to deal with the varying personalities/needs at the same time. These are the same reasons I'm waffling on having a 30th birthday celebration. Womp face.