Friday, July 27, 2012

Struggles of Life in a Bra

So it's been about a month in my new place. (HOORAY!) And I've gotten more business related visits than ever before:

Peapod, RCN, the air conditioning repair man, the decorator, my landlord, my landlord and his wife. The list goes on and on.

A long time ago someone told me to write about the struggles of life in a bra. I actually had to do a search of my blog to see if I'd written about it already. Actually I have not, but my other posts about bras made me giggle. I digress.

From the time whoever is on their way in to the time they get to my door is like 57 seconds and that scramble to put on a bra is filled with anxiety and pure unbridled anger. Like damnit, who made up bras and why do I have to put one on for company? This is crap.

Nothing says "I'm home" like unsnapping your bra. It's like that herbal essences commercial without the shampoo. I should just start wearing pasties all the time, so I can be decent, but comfortable... in my own damn house.

So yeah, the struggle is real.

Happy weekend y'all!