Monday, July 9, 2012

I have a hearing problem...

Not like selective hearing (thought that could be me as well). Not like I ignore people (though that could be me as well). I have a I-can't-hear-certain-pitches-of-words problem. And I've suffered what the doctors call "hearing loss" for at least 10 years. When I first mentioned it my doctor at the time told me that the only solve was wearing a hearing aide. I'm too pretty, too young and too vain for that kind of contraption, so I just do one of the following:

1. Say huh? what? SayItAgain? [a lot]
2. Act like I heard people when I really didn't hear them (using context clues to figure out the next steps)
3. Smile and nod or
4. Just nod

So my new doctor tells me that technology is such that I could get an invisible hearing aide and/or I could get surgery or there's other stuff that can be done. Now, 10 years later, I'm excited about the possibility of hearing well.

Meanwhile, it's taken me 4 months to call the referral my doctor gave me (hey, I've been busy) and now it's taking a full hour to get the right number (the hospital got bought out, the receptionist doesn't know, Google is failing me). Anywho, I left a message for the "audiology" department of "rehabilitative services" at said hospital. I have no doubt that they will call me during the most inopportune time and I don't really have a free day until October to actually TAKE the test. I figure it's been 10 years, what's a few more months. The point is... I'm getting it done. Slowly, but surely.

Maybe one day when you say "Can You Hear Me Now" I'll be able to respond yes.

P.S. Everyday I'm wowed at how much God has smiled on me because I have a lisp, I can't see without my contacts and I don't hear well, but I make my living in communications. I started off so far behind the "normal" curve and look how far ahead I am. Love him!


Sunshine said...

God is awesome and mind-blowing. I am glad that God is using you to prove that nothing is too hard for him. Lol, I hope you get your hearing aids sooner rather than later. :-)

denoy steve said...

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Serena Outland said...

Yep, one step at a time! :) Do you have your hearing aid now? If so, how are you adjusting to it? It might be a bit difficult at first because having to wear a contraption for a long time can be uncomfortable. But, I believe that your positive attitude will help you adjust to it properly. I wish you well!

Serena Outland