Monday, July 30, 2012

Condoms and Cupcakes

Ladies, come out to support my girls who run the Red Pump Project with a twist on town hall meetings to get people talking about HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

This free program is also sponsored by the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Tuesday, July 31st
Little Black Pearl

1060 E 47th St
Chicago, IL 60653
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

See you there!!!

P.S. I wonder where they are getting the cupcakes from. I have suggestions. LOL!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Struggles of Life in a Bra

So it's been about a month in my new place. (HOORAY!) And I've gotten more business related visits than ever before:

Peapod, RCN, the air conditioning repair man, the decorator, my landlord, my landlord and his wife. The list goes on and on.

A long time ago someone told me to write about the struggles of life in a bra. I actually had to do a search of my blog to see if I'd written about it already. Actually I have not, but my other posts about bras made me giggle. I digress.

From the time whoever is on their way in to the time they get to my door is like 57 seconds and that scramble to put on a bra is filled with anxiety and pure unbridled anger. Like damnit, who made up bras and why do I have to put one on for company? This is crap.

Nothing says "I'm home" like unsnapping your bra. It's like that herbal essences commercial without the shampoo. I should just start wearing pasties all the time, so I can be decent, but comfortable... in my own damn house.

So yeah, the struggle is real.

Happy weekend y'all!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be Everyone

Check out this PSA about violence and injustice from a friend of mine. If you like it, put a share on it!

"BE EVERYONE" PSA from Messiah Equiano on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CKI: Tinley Park Carnival

New Life Covenant Oakwood has bought out the Tinley Park Convention Center (18451 Convention Center Drive, Tinley Park, IL 60477) for a FREE Family Fun Night. (Bring cash for food, but other than that it's free.)

Have you been to any good free events this summer?  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Why You Mad?

Ok, let me tell y'all a little story. I rent a condo. I think that's a pretty esay concept to grasp, but my mail carrier continually gives me mail for the owner.

I put it in the outgoing mailbox. - S/he circles "or current owner" and puts it back in my box.
I put it in the outgoing mailbox - S/he underlines "or current owner" and puts it back in my box.
I put "return to sender" and put it in the outgoing mailbox - S/he puts in back in my box
I put "please forward to the addressee" and put it back in the outgoing mailbox - S/he puts it back in my box, noting that this mail is not forwardable and that's why it says "current owner"

I called the federal goverment (also known as the USPS) to complain.
They said they would call me back by Tuesday EOD
They called me back my Thursday EOD
The resolution is that I have to put "refused" on the mail (because "return to sender" and/or "please forward to addressess" are not clear enough descriptions. I can't stand dense people. I really cannot.)

Let me get to the point...

So I said to myself. Self... why you mad?

I really tried to figure out WHY this makes me so angry. My honey said I was being ridiculous and that I'm mad because I do too much. He's right...

My days are so jam packed. I picked a busy field of work, I choose to have lots of friends, I have family to keep up with (can't help that), then I go to great lengths to make sure that everything "I" do is planned to a tee.

When anything or anyone steps outside of my little schedule, I get CRAZY. CARAZAY!

If I was a normal person with a normal schedule, it would not bother me to contact my landlord and tell him to come get his mail. But that is two more things (contact him, be home to meet him) that I have to add to my to-do list and it makes me go Katie Kaboom.

I also think the postal carrier is passive aggressive, but that's neither here nor there.

A bit ago, I blogged about a sermon where my Pastor talked about someone going off because they were already mad. Like they started the day mad. Unfortunately, that's been my problem lately (maybe my whole life, I dunno, but I'm going to say lately to make me feel better).

So this week's goal (and hopefully my entire life, but let's start with today) is to literally do less so that I can have the mental capacity to deal with things not going my way and/or people making mistakes. I constantly expect perfection and that's not real, neither is it healthy.

Thanks for reading this long post, sharing in my growth and always keeping me in your prayers.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Black Dermatologist

Do you know a good black dermatologist? I can't find one to save my life. At this point, I'll travel to the far suburbs if he or she is good.

I'm tired of non-black insensitive doctors telling me that I must have a fungus on my face only to diagnose mild exzema. I shouldn't have to live like this in 2012.

Send me all referrals and thanks in advance!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When Want Turns to Need: A Short Story

Once upon a time there was a woman who fell into a routine with a man. It was an unspoken routine, like drinking coffee in the morning. Just like his presence in her life, it wasn't there, and then one day, it just was... It was normal, needed and necessary.  

One day, said woman deviated from their unspoken routine. 
Then the next day said man deviated from their unspoken routine. 

The woman was knocked off of her square for two days.
The man was knocked off of his square for two days. 

On the third day (<------- see what I did there) the woman and the man resumed their unspoken routine, admitting that they both spent two days [too many] knocked off their squares. And as her heart fluttered at his admission and her own, she realized that she can no longer afford to deviate from their routine - the very normal, very routine and now, all of a sudden, very necessary routine.

Said woman is now listening to a whole lot of Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill.

The beginning.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

I have a hearing problem...

Not like selective hearing (thought that could be me as well). Not like I ignore people (though that could be me as well). I have a I-can't-hear-certain-pitches-of-words problem. And I've suffered what the doctors call "hearing loss" for at least 10 years. When I first mentioned it my doctor at the time told me that the only solve was wearing a hearing aide. I'm too pretty, too young and too vain for that kind of contraption, so I just do one of the following:

1. Say huh? what? SayItAgain? [a lot]
2. Act like I heard people when I really didn't hear them (using context clues to figure out the next steps)
3. Smile and nod or
4. Just nod

So my new doctor tells me that technology is such that I could get an invisible hearing aide and/or I could get surgery or there's other stuff that can be done. Now, 10 years later, I'm excited about the possibility of hearing well.

Meanwhile, it's taken me 4 months to call the referral my doctor gave me (hey, I've been busy) and now it's taking a full hour to get the right number (the hospital got bought out, the receptionist doesn't know, Google is failing me). Anywho, I left a message for the "audiology" department of "rehabilitative services" at said hospital. I have no doubt that they will call me during the most inopportune time and I don't really have a free day until October to actually TAKE the test. I figure it's been 10 years, what's a few more months. The point is... I'm getting it done. Slowly, but surely.

Maybe one day when you say "Can You Hear Me Now" I'll be able to respond yes.

P.S. Everyday I'm wowed at how much God has smiled on me because I have a lisp, I can't see without my contacts and I don't hear well, but I make my living in communications. I started off so far behind the "normal" curve and look how far ahead I am. Love him!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Book of T: Chapter 25, Verses 1-3.

Verse 1: And the Lord said, I will create a smart, independent woman, bless her with resources and make her wait on My timing for a husband, because I am the Lord.

Verse 2: Whilst she waits, I will provide her with male kinfolk to help her open jars, pick up heavy stuff, determine which cords go into the input and output and remind her that she is not a man, but a man is coming.

Verse 3: She waited upon the Lord for ______ and sang sweet praises to Him for her brothers. For Sam, Josh and Rob she was grateful.

(This is my life... in Bible verse format. LOL!)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Uh... Probably Not

So, y'all know I'm renting my place right? And even though it's a condo, I don't own it. And even though I'm considering doing a pretty expensive decorative buildout to make it my own, it's not really mine.

More than a few folks have asked when I'm having a housewarming. Perhaps because I talk so frequently about moving and loving my place and the struggles I shared on Twitter about what it took to get me in there.

Not even two weeks in and I'm virtually settled in. (I have one more box to open, which I'll do tonight. My big brother is hooking up the electronics tomorrow and I have a decorator coming this weekend for the heavy lifting on the design front, but other than that... all settled).

So it occurred to me that much like non-virgins wearing white to weddings folks having housewarmings to celebrate moving into places that they don't own. It's not proper, but it's also not frowned upon. It sounds like it, but I'm not judging this action. I'm just saying it never occurred to me. (To further let you know I'm not judging this action I actually AM wearing white to my wedding, not stucco like I probably should. I digress.)

The #realissue is that I have too many sets of friends. I can't invite all of them AND family members into my place on the same day. And I don't have the brainpower to pick and choose (and they would all just show up anyway) AND only have the tolerance for one set of friends at a time. Way too many personalities.

So, nope, I won't be having a housewarming. Sorry guys. But if I know you in real life and you want to stop by with a bottle of wine, you are more than welcome!!!

Did you have a housewarming when you moved into your place? Why or why not?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

I'm proud to be an American! That is all! Enjoy your day off. And if you have to work, enjoy that overtime/time and a half/double time pay.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Check out my new favorite blogs. It's about all things south loop. I will be referring to this blog often for news on my new 'hood.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Abolishing the Falloffability Act

So... in my search for a washer/dryer I've also managed to move to a neighborhood, that's not only 60% black, but where the majority of my friends, associates and former classmates live. Color me shocked, when I went out to get a Zipcar and someone actually recognized me on the street.

Man... I wasn't ready.

The falloffability act as enacted some years ago on the north side of Chicago, has been abolished as of the day I moved into my new crib. From henceforth and forever more I must wear real clothes outside and put on mascara to take out the trash.

My life is so hard. LOL!