Thursday, June 21, 2012

That's What Friends Are For...

So I was on my way to... I can't remember... something social. My social life is important to me. If it comes down to having a clean home or hanging out with friends, I'll hang out with friends. It's who I am.

So anywho, I had a long list of stuff to do, dealing with my move and/or the fact that I left stuff like my sunglasses and camera charger in the DR. It seems like I should have time to take care of these menial tasks, but when there are 20 of them, you pick and choose.

So I was complaining commenting that I didn't have time to look for a camera charger and my homegirl (whose car I was in at the time) told me to send her the make and model of my camera and she'd research it for me during her downtime at work.

I bought said charger today [read: the day I wrote this] from a link she sent me. Man, what a wonderful friend I have in her. I'm truly grateful to God that when I ask HIM for help, he sends me something as practical as the friendship of someone who has a free hour at work to help me run my errands.

My friends are awesome and my God is even better!!!

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