Monday, June 18, 2012

That New New

I still have a bubble TV. It's like a 24-inch or some odd size and I've had it since college. I bought it with my own money (and/or a credit card that I've recently paid off... can't remember) and I'm likely taking it with me to put in my bedroom at my new apartment. #Don'tJudgeMe

Howsoever, now that I'll be entertaining, that TV will no longer be on display in my Living Room, or frunchroom as Midwesterners like to call it (you thought they were say front room didn't you? Don't lie.)

So I need a new TV and I'm technologically illiterate. HELP!!!

What should I buy?
What is TOO much to pay for a TV?
Do I have to buy Google TV in order to get Netflix sent directly to my screen?
Do I need a special TV for Bluray? Do I want/need Bluray?
Is H.G. Gregg the best place for deals in 2012?

(I clearly need a man, but until then can y'all help a sister out?)

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Anonymous said...

RB here, lurking as usual, haha As far as tvs are concerned, you don't really need a smart tv because it's still not that big unless you plan on watching a lot of 3D movies. You just need 1080p and at least 120Hz. Avoid the word plasma. Like most things prices vary with brand. Whenever I get electronics I purchase them at Best Buy because of their awards/points system...but you can shop just about anywhere for them. Expect to buy an HDMI cord with your tv, as far as BluRay I'd opt for a PS3 because it will never be outdated due to software updating almost's 3D ready, you can buy games, it streams Netflix, Huluplus, etc. and you can usually get it with an HDMI bundle.