Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keep My Money

I was out to dinner with my bff, our big brother and sis and her parents #FamilyTime and papa bff began talking about money. He said we are all so concerned about making more money. He said one day he took a step back and realized that he made enough money, but what he should be more concerned with is how to KEEP his own money.

He said everyone from the government to for-profit companies are trying to get MORE of our money. As a marketer, I know this is true. We're here to make money... even if it's for the better good of the world at the end of the day, someone has to pay for it. 

So after hearing this nugget of wisdom, it occurred to me that I, too, need to make a choice to keep more of my own money in my own pocket (or bank account or wherever). Whether that means giving more to charity for those young tax breaks (oh, I know it's not just me) or remixing my closet instead of frequenting the freakum dress superstore EVERY.WEEKEND, something needs to change if I want to be wealthy (which to me means leaving money for my kids). The Bible talks about leaving an inheritance as well, so this isn't just being greedy. This is the Word.

Also, completely unrelated mama bff agreed with everything papa bff said that night. I don't know if it's 30+ years of marriage, if she REALLY agrees with him or if she just likes peace in her home, but not presenting an opposing viewpoint (if only for the sake of conversation) is foreign to me. It was a joy to watch and I learned a lot that night.

More on this tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

I tell people this all the time. Most Americans are horrible at money management. I am consistently amazed when people quote how much you need to get by in this country. Unless you’re living in DC, New York or someplace with a similar cost of living, a single person should be able to make it on a salary of $40k. That is PLENTY. Some families survive on less. Americans consume too much. Waaaay too much, and they do not know how to differentiate between needs and wants.

I make $38k a year, have my own 1 bedroom apartment in a very desirable (and expensive) suburb, have a few thousand in the bank and waste quite a bit of money on live entertainment. I also have a frappuccino every workday (I REALLY need to cut this out). I contribute the max to my retirement fund as well. I actually should have way more in liquid savings than I do. I am not as disciplined as I should be. People always think I’m loaded with money based on the things I buy/do, and I want to give them a reality check…but it’s really none of their business. I learned from my parents’ money mistakes and I am always trying to do better. I’ve never been a shopper though, and I don’t concern myself with the latest gadgets and things. Cable? It’s a waste. My TV comes on maybe 30 days a year.

Keepin up with the Jonses will keep you broke. I am TOTALLY grateful I started out with a low salary. My first "real" job got me $30k a year. If I had started out making $50+ I'm sure I'd be more irresponsible with money.