Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Many

I saw 16 apartments/condos before finding my gem, but I'm happy to report that I found a place last week and signed my lease on Sunday. My lease starts in three days and I move in 11 days (and not a moment too soon, I guess.) LOL!

Oh, you all probably want to know more about it, huh...

It's in my budget. (HEY NOW!)
It's a soft loft
high ceilings
in-unit washer/dryer
hardwood floors
stainless steel appliances,
exposed brick
carpeted, lofted bedroom
probably about 700 sq ft (It's not big, it's just bigger than where I've been and that's enough for now)
wood gated private patio
steel gated free parking space
And it's in the south loop. So in two weeks, I will, for the first time EVER, officially be a south sider. Tell a friend.

I really love it. I can't wait to start throwing shindigs.

But back to the topic at hand, how many units/apartments/homes did you see before signing on the dotted line?


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When I got my place I was on an EXTREMELY tight budget, and all the places within my budget were lackluster. After maybe the 5th place I started getting tired of looking. I made my decision under duress, really. It ended up working out though. My place could use some updating but the amount of space I have is perfect (I should probably ask the landlord what it is so I can stick with it). I get impatient after a while though. Just don't have roaches, please. Everything else is negotiable.

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