Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Goodbye North Side

So, you all know from my north side campaign that I love all things northside. I love to be able to fall off and having no one I know seeing that. I love having shops and restaurants within walking distance of my home. I love how accurate the bus schedule is (yes, this matters to me). And most of all, I love being 10 minutes away from work via bus and 5 minutes via cab.

Well, I got a new job. I work in the loop now vs. Streeterville. And it takes me approximately 30 minutes to get too and from work every day. That's too many minutes.

So in my new apartment search I've been looking at places in the south and west loop. I like both neighborhoods equally. What they lack in shops, they make up for in new construction and in-unit washer dryer.

Another challenge for the north side is that it lacks new construction (where one would find a w/d in-unit). On the north side you pay for location. On the south side you pay for space and amenities. I want space and amenities. I knew that it would come to this, but I just thought it'd be because I was buying, not renting.

Anywho, I will have to exercise covert tactics if and when I decide to walk out of the house looking a mess because while viewing a south loop apartment I saw one of my blog readers in the elevator. She told me another mutual acquaintance (i.e. a Twitter homie) lives in the building AND one of my homegirls from HS lives in the building too.

When I was in college this would have been great, but now that I've lived up north, pretty much by myself for so many years, I feel very exposed walking the streets of the south loop. I feel like I know everyone in all of the cars passing by. I feel like people are going to take pictures of me on the bus stop and laugh in the winter time. LOL!

I'm willing to deal with the lack of privacy (a lease is only a year anyway, right?) in order to have a place that I love coming home too.

And, I'm truly looking forward to just showing up at people's houses in sweatpants and rollers because they live downstairs or across the street. Moving to the south loop will provide a level of community that I'm definitely lacking on the north side.

Who knows, I may start a south loop campaign, but first... I need to find an apartment.

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South Loop Social Light said...

Consider this my official endorsement of you living in the South Loop. I've dubbed this bldg "Melrose Place," but I have dreams of having a vibrant social life in the dead of winter with all the people I'll know in this bldg lol... Sweatpants and rollers all day long.