Friday, June 29, 2012

*Cosby Voice* CHALLENGE!!!!

Help! My wallet is bleeding. This spring hit me right in the pockets, here's where all my money's gone:
  • The apartment move (paying almost double what I pay now in rent, paying for rent in two places for 15 days, getting movers, updating my electronics),
  • My new job (they haven't issued me a corporate credit card yet and purchases still need to be made)
  • My new salary (I somehow think it's ok to buy DD coffee and lunch daily, new clothes and shoes weekly and have lunches, brunches and dinners at my leisure despite a fridge full of groceries) 
  • Occassions (bff's graduation, planning a baby shower, out of town baby bday parties, bridal showers, new babies and birthdays)  
And even though I'm not concerned with my increased credit card usage (I'm paying it back swiftly, no worries) I am concerned that maybe I COULD be spending my money better.

I think, what would I order if I was on a budget? Probably not the filet mignon. Or what would I buy the baby if I was on a budget... probably not the high end high chair. Or would I work harder to find cheaper catering options for the baby shower or (God forbid) just cook for it if I felt like that was my only option.

You all know I have to constantly challenge myself. Whether it's my love life, my fitness routine or my wallet. So in August (yes, I'm giving myself a nice little cushion) I'm going to do a spending fast. That's right, smack dab in the middle of summertime Chi I'm going to commit to not buying anything except groceries and transportation. Anyone want to do it with me?

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