Monday, June 4, 2012

Apartment Search Tales

At the time that I'm writing this post, I still have not found an apartment. I'll let you all know as soon as that changes. L

et's talk about wanting a whole bedroom. Leasing agents will list places and show you places that have a wall separating the living room and a vacant space for a bed and call it a one-bedroom apartment. THAT IS NOT A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT. It is a big ass studio.

 Here are some words to avoid when looking for a WHOLE bedroom: cozy, cute, jr. 1BR, and it could go 50/50 with the word loft.

Anywho, remember when I said I just want a WHOLE bedroom and in-unit washer and dryer... you all KNOW that's not true. Below find a list of things I found out I ALSO want. And note, these aren't non-negotiables, but when you see a building with a rooftop deck for the same price as one without it, it does something to you. I also can't justify paying more money for less square footage if something like heat isn't included. I didn't know I wanted these things until I saw them.

I blame an economy where competition is encouraged. LOL! Here they go: I want:

- A building with amenities (rooftop deck, party room, fitness center, etc.)
- At least 700-800 sq ft - Closet space
- Heat included
 - A defined kitchen
 - Hardwood floors
- A good deal
- An honest landlord

Have you been apartment searching lately? Were there things you didn't know you wanted that came up on the search?

I have a funny little story about "a good deal" and an "honest landlord" coming up tomorrow.


Unknown said...

The only thing I didn’t want was roaches. Lord…I was freakin TERRIFIED. You never know until you’re there. I remember seeing a dead one in the kitchen cabinet the day I moved in and I freaked! I bought some Max Force Roach Bait (great reviews but thank GOD I never had to use it *knocks on wood*) in preparation and of course some good ol’ boric acid. But the roaches never came. My landlord obviously didn’t clean well. *side eye* I’m kinda afraid to move now cuz I don’t wanna run the risk of having critters (plus, my rents good considering I live in a desirable area). The amount of space now I have is perfect really. My bedroom is a nice size. I have a queen-sized bed AND still have walking room—woot! I was looking at places a few months ago but couldn’t find a better deal. Rents have gone up and I couldn’t justify the expense. Plus, if I get a bigger place I’ll be tempted to buy more stuff and I don’t really need that. Anywho, I’m assuming it’s gonna be hard to find a place with hardwood floors w/rec rooms because most buildings with hardwood floors are vintage. But if you find some, let us know which areas to look in! A lot of these newer places with amenities are poorly built compared to the older buildings. I can just look at the exterior of some places and tell they’re crap. Best of luck to you in your search. I didn’t search as extensively as I could have but it was definitely harder for me to find what I wanted (for a decent price) compared to last year.

kris_ said...

I've had my share of apartment hunting and yes I did find a few things I didn't really bother to include in my list. One of them being a balcony. I really didn't need one and I hated the idea that the apartment didn't have a washing machine and dryer so I had to go out of the apartment to do my laundry.

Kate said...

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