Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And It's Not Even My Birthday

So, if you know me for real, like for real, for real, you know I'm always caking. WHAT?!?!?! T, the "pointer outer" of all cakers everywhere. Yes, it is I, queen of the cake. If you know me, you also know you'd be hard pressed to "find" me caking, but cake occurs, nonetheless. No more Facebook photos kissing my man in the mouth. #BeenThere #DoneThat #WroteaBlogAboutIt

So I was caking this morning [read: the morning I wrote this post] and while we were getting off the phone he said "it was good to hear your voice."

I melted on the inside and immediately missed him. Let me try to figure out why...
  • Getting off the phone takes like five minutes when you're caking and I'm always surprised at how we choose to prolong the conversation from one to the next.  
  • He didn't have to tell me that. He could have just said bye.
  • He didn't assume that he would always hear my voice, and thus appreciated when he did (this is also what happens when things are new. Couples say sweet things to each other vs. "w(here)tf were you yesterday that you couldn't call my phone"... I digress.
  • He prefers talking over texting (but we still text like teenagers) *giggles*
  • "It was good to talk to you", "I'm glad we got to connect", "It was good to hear your voice" and everything else you say before "have a good day at work", "call me later", and "good night" are the new "You hang up" "No, you hang up" and finally...
  • Despite my Tweets and FB call outs that state the contrary, I'm a big fan of cake. Don't tell a friend and don't get caught slippin. I will STILL point you out.

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