Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wait, I can't do THAT anymore?

When someone works at a job for 7.5 years, there's a level of comfort that is achieved. My former agency also has a very relaxed nature when it comes to corporate culture. I'd say we were pretty uptight when it came to deadlines, but that's neither here nor there.

So here are a few things that I do regularly that I'm going to have to work up to doing at my new gig (and/or stop doing all together).

10. Wearing jeans (or whatever the hell I want) to work.
9. Coming in at my leisure. We have flex time, so no one knows what time anyone else is supposed to be in the office. As long as you're not coming in at noon, you can pretty much come
8. Free soft drinks (I think my new gig has this too, but in case they don't I'm going to miss saving $1.99 everytime I go out to eat. It adds up.)
7. Working with people my age - I know I've taken that for granted, but having an office where the President of the Company is 40 and most people are younger than her really rocks, especially when you're fresh out of college.
6. Playing on the company softball team - I only played on the sports teams for a couple of years, but the comraderie was really amazing. I made some awesome friends and the free wings and beer post-games helped with that comraderie.
5. Serving on the diversity committee - The orgaization I'm going to is quite diverse and doesn't REALLY need an internal team of people talking about the business principles
4. Changing/applying make-up in the bathroom - When you work 60 hrs weeks and are in an office made up of women, it's pretty much understood that getting dressed in the bathroom for your next event is A-ok.
3. Drinking alcohol in the office - We're big on celebrating. St. Patrick's Day. Mardi Gras. Cubs opener. Lemonade Day. Tuesday. You name it, there was a celebration.
2. Manicure Mondays - I mentioned 60 hour weeks and 80% women right? Well... that means we need a way to stay pretty without leaving the office. Hence, manicure Mondays was formed.
1. An office with a door. LAWD, I'm going to a "death by cubicle establishment"

This list is so long and I could probably write another 10. So I know you're asking "Wait, why did you leave the new gig again?" Tune in tomorrow.

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kay* said...

i'm really curious about the reasons for the new job now! maybe i'll have to drop you a private dm -i'm just way too nosey!!