Friday, May 4, 2012

So... Why Leave?

So you all know I loved my old gig. I raved about it on here and on Twitter. I was there 7.5 years. At a company that has high turnover, I was basically a grandmother at the organization. The people were amazing, the office was amazing, the perks were off the charts, the resources were outstanding. So, I know you're thinking, why leave?

Well, these are some of the things that I'm getting/some of the reasons I left.

10. Now I'm going to BE a client vs. catering to a client. How cool is that?
9. I've done a lot in my past role and learned a lot in an agency PR, so my unique set of skills and capabilities sets me up well to not just contribute, but to really move a new organization forward.
8. I have more responsiblity in my new position.
7. I [clearly] am taking a pay increase. Not that I need to explain why making more money is better, but let me give it try: being community minded, if I make more, I can help more. Being husband-minded, that DINK life is going to be so sweet. Being a bit selfish, I can save more, buy more and live better.
6. I wanted to work in the loop (this is just a lie, but it got me to 10. LOL!)
5. I needed a change of pace. 
4. I wanted a new challenges - One of my favorite quotes is "Comfort is the enemy of of achievement." I wholeheartedly belive that. I always want more. I'm thirsty for... EVERYTHING. So I think this will present another opportunity to challenge myself.
3. New challenges give birth to new opportunities - the sky is truly the limit. Being open to this new job is a testament of how I'm allowing myself to be open to all of the desires of my heart. 2012 is TRULY the year of never before. I'm embracing that. 
3. If I don't like it, I can always go back to my old job. They love me. I love them. It'll be like when you go off to college and come back. My mom let me right back into the house. Same Situation.
1. I prayed about it and this is the opportunity that God brought forth. Can't argue with that.

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