Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So when it's your last two days of work, you can take advantage of luxuries that you wouldn't generally take advantage of because you don't have ACTUAL work to do. Here's what I was on my last week of work

10. I enjoyed Sunday night.
9. I went to lunch. Imagine that.
8. I went to not one, but two 4-hour trainings.
7. I read all of the "FYI," and "Nice read" daily e-mails that I received
6. When people stopped by to chat, I welcomed this with open arms (vs. running out to my next meeting)
5. I went to all of the brainstorms I was invited to (I love brainstorms)
4. I read a lot more interesting articles and studies that I generally can when I have deliverables
3. I cleaned my desk.
2. I cleaned out my e-mail inbox.

Oh man, what a week.

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