Monday, May 7, 2012

So Far, So Good...

So one week in, let me tell you about some perks of the new job.

10. I'm already getting to manage agencies (PR, digital, experiential) AND.I.LOVE.IT.
9. There's a Corner Bakery delivery here every morning. That beats continental breakfast on Friday.
8. The respect that people have for me and what I bring to the table is uncanny. We are all experts in our own right. They did a great job of choosing top talent in this place.
7. There are no soft drinks, but the coffee and tea choices are amazing. Illy cappuccino anyone?
6. There's a gym in my building (since 4 of these 10 are about food, I think a gym in the building is pretty clutch.)
5. I don't have to bill time. Everyone in client services should feel me right now.
4. The food options in the loop knock the food options in River North/Streeterville out of the park.
3. I get to go to lunch with all of my friends who work in the loop.
2. People here eat lunch. Simple, but so important.
1. I still hang out with my peeps from the agency. I went to happy hour with them last week and I plan on visiting the softball games. #Winning


South Loop Social Light said...

Glad to see you're easing into things and enjoying your new gig :)

Unknown said...

The concept of not taking a lunch. Goodness. If I ever have to enter the private sector I might don’t make it…