Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Money and Such

These are some budget updates that are more or less a note to self vs. something you all need to know, but I'm trying hard not to completely fall off with content since I am already busy at work.

I've been keeping tabs of my transportation budget for 2012. I figured that I probably spend a car note's worth of money on cabs, rental cars and zipcars and want to use the information I'm gathering to determine if it's time for me to buy a car or not. So far this year, I'm only spending about $100-$125 on transportation (not including my CTA bus pass). That's not a car note's worth, so I'm not getting a car or anything. But it's probably worth it to set that money aside as a line item in my budget. Probably. Maybe.

I'm going to have to work lunch into my budget. At my old gig, I almost always got microwave meals for lunch and those were included in my grocery budget line item. I SOMETIMES went out for lunch. So my "sometimes going out" budget came out of general spending cash. If I'm going to take advantage of lunchtime offerings in the loop and spend $7-10 a day for lunch that can't come out of my general spending cash. NJo ma'ams and sirs. That's going to need it's own line item.

I probably need a shopping line item too, but baby steps out here people.
Credit Card Update
It feels like an eternity since I paid off my credit cards, but it was seriously only four months ago. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I probably wasn't going to pay off my CC in April and I didn't. I'm also continuing to run that credit card up. What did I buy... a bunch of stuff on Ebay... a plane ticket... I'm probably about to put the security deposit and first month's rent and moving fees on my credit card because I want to keep the money I'm saving in my savings account. I'm on my way to the islands for vacation, then it's summertime Chi. I can't really see myself cutting back anytime soon.
MAYBE in the fall, when it gets cold, I will shut down spending and re-up on savings and pay down credit cards. I need to go back and read some of my old blog posts to inspire myself. Old habits die hard y'all. Pray for me.

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Unknown said...

I blow a ton of money on retail coffee establishments and fast food. A TON (at least a couple thousand worth a year). I don’t fancy cooking but I really need to get into the habit of making my own food. Not only will it save me money, but it will help get rid of this pot belly I’m developing (not huge by a long shot but a bigger than I’m used to so it must go!). I don’t like shopping—at all—so that will never be a problem for me.

Be careful. Financial handcuffs are easy to get on but hard to get off.