Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ok, I have a question about lunch. There are about 40 people who work here. I have three cube mates, two managers, and a few other random team members that I work closely with, but I rarely invite any of them to lunch.

There are a couple of reasons.

1. Everyone doesn't take a lunch everyday, but I'm new [and I'm hungry], so I'm going to lunch unless I have a meeting. I don't want to stop anyone else from grinding because I'm new and don't yet have set deliverables.

2. When I'm ready to go... I'm rets ta go. Sometimes if I'm really hungry on the weekends and out running errands, I'd rather go home than wait in line to get food. It's only going to be a 5-minute wait, but I want what I want when I want it. I think this is a personality challenge I need to overcome (but it also may be the reason I have everything that I want right now... #JustSaying)

3. Besides my first week when a couple of managers took me to lunch to get to know me, no one has really asked me to lunch either, so I'm assuming they ALSO want to do their own thing.

4. I have a bunch of friends who work in the loop and I'd rather go to lunch with them than new people.

So all of that background information to say: Am I rude for not inviting my coworkers to lunch? I feel kind of bad when I'm eating by myself and I see other folks coupled up. Not bad like "ooh, I'm alone." But bad like "I'm alone AND I LIKE IT!!!"

What do you all think? Am I overthinking lunch?

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South Loop Social Light said...

Yes, you're slightly overthinking this lol... but I know where you're coming from. I think a few buddy lunches a month is more than enough. It's nice to catch up, get to know people, and form some bonds that will only improve your working relationship. Start with planning in advance (It's Tuesday, ask if they wanna grab lunch on Thursday) and that way everyone has a heads up. I try and do this and it works out nicely. I'm a social loner so I don't mind eating alone or doing my own thing, but it is fun to have some occasional company.