Monday, May 14, 2012

Death By Cubicle

I've never worked in a cubicle as a full-time employee before. It's SO WEIRD. Let me tell you about some of the things that I've noticed.

Background info: Our cubicles are large and clustered in private sets of 4.


1. People with offices take conference calls on speaker phones with their doors open. So not only do you have any office and I sit in the hallway, but you are STILL going to interrupt my workflow with that loudness, oh ok.

2. Sitting in a cubicle encourages fatness. I have bags of candy on my desk so that I can win friends and influence people. My coworker are always talking about the latest food crazes, Trader Joe's, Dunkin' Donuts and any other deliciousness that comes up. That makes me hungry... and I eat more.

3. Sitting in a cubicle makes me a nicer person. I speak to my cube mates when I get in and say good night when I leave out. I MAY or MAY NOT have done that when I had my own office depending on how I was feeling any given day. This is good.

4. When someone who's not a cube mate comes over to talk to a cube mate, they say hi to everyone and you're expected to join in the conversation. It's so odd. At my agency, it was like you tried like hell NOT to butt into the person's conversation.

5. No one uses headphones. I know I'm not the only person who finds that weird.

6. People walk up on you like they want to get got. I face a diagonal corner when I'm typing on my computer and people who want to talk to me are always quietly three steps off of the back of my head like ninjas. And I'm like 1. How did you get there without me hearing you and 2. BACK UP HOMIE !!!

7. I don't face any sunlight. It hasn't been a BIG deal so far, but I might put a photo of a beach or a sunset or something up if these stucco walls start to depress me. We shall see.

I think I'm adjusting quite nicely for someone who's never experienced a cage... oops, I mean a cubicle before.

What do your cube mates do that blows your mind?


chichi said...

It's the lack of privacy that gets to me. You think I'd be used to it by now after 4 years.

It does encourage being friendly so that's cool

South Loop Social Light said...

I think having to overhear obnoxious conversations is probably the biggest downside to cubicle life... however, I do enjoy the opportunity to form closer bonds with the cube-mates.

Tiff M said...

First of all, I definitely LOL'd in a cube-inappropriate way at item #6. (I'm sure my cube mates LOVED that). But I feel you. I definitely almost chucked a stapler at a co-worker's head last week when she snuck up on me mid-filing. Smh. Announce yoself fool!

That being said, I've never had an office so I'm use to the lack of privacy, ever-present background noise, etc. My favorite is the opportunity to hop into the middle of passionate group conversations/debates about the previous night's game or the Hunger Games books.