Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ti's Matchmaker

So last summer I did my third speed dating event, but this was was catered to the black community and put together by matchmaker, Paul Carrick Brunson - the Modern Day Matchmaker.

I was first introduced to him through Twitter. He does these Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesdays #MDMW where there's a bachelor or bachelorette that picks a match from Twitter followers that ask questions. It's super fun.

So when he told me he was having an event at the Mid in Chicago, you know I had to be there. I also paid for the tickets that included the "speed dating conference call." Anyone who knows me KNOWS that a conference call to discuss HOW to date is right up my alley. I friggin' loved it.

So a couple of things.

1. Contrary to [my own] popular belief, I do NOT know every black man in the Chi. There were at least 50 eligible brothers at this event and I only knew one. #Winning

2. One day, I'll tell you all what happened with all the men I met. I may or may not still be dating one or more of them.

But right now, I just want to tell you how to get in touch with Paul. He's a phenomenal husband and father, genuinely studies his matchmaking craft, a mogul in the making and just a nice guy to boot. If I hit him up on Twitter with a dating question, he hits me right back. He totally doesn't have to do that.

He's definitely helped my dating "career," if you will. I can only hope he and Jill will accept an invite to my [future] wedding.

Anywho, enough gushing about one of my faves. Have dating questions?

Facebook: paulbrunson
Twitter: @PaulCBrunson
Website: OneDegreeFrom.me
E-mail: paul@onedegreefrom.me
Essence: http://www.essence.com/point-of-view/modern-day-matchmaker/

AND THIS JUST IN, Oprah's tapped him to host a new show on OWN: Lovetown, USA

Get in touch with him!

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