Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Telling on Myself

Side note: While writing this post, I tried to buy something online and my computer shut down. All of the browsers... #LookatGod. On to the post:

I hate writing posts like this. But transparency is a must and it'll help me act right. This year's goal is to use my credit cards sparingly and pay them off before interest rates can accrue. I'm probably not going to do that this month.

One month can lead into a spiral of a lot of months and then I'm back at square 1. All it takes is one emergency (or two sales at Nordstrom, either way) and boom I'm back under the crushing credit card debt that I've been trying to erase for the past few years. Can someone remind me how far I've come and that no outfit, and no charity donation, and no party I throw "no matter how dope it is" and no pair of shoes feel as good as zero balances on my credit cards.

I mean, I'm typing it, but my recent negligent behavior shows that I don't believe it.

*braces for criticism*

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South Loop Social Light said...

Don't you just love God and his divine intervention :) But yes, it's nice to have a zero balance, but there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to something once a month. You work hard and deserve it... not impulse, over the top spending... but plan it into your budget to buy something once a month on your credit card and then pay it off!